A lack of confidence or self worth is the one of the most common things I face with clients, many of us really struggle with this but by becoming more conscious and aware you can improve with these tips:

So many of us struggle with but with conscious effort, you can boost your self-worth with our below tips:

1. Talk to yourself in the same way you would to people you love

Our thoughts become our reality, it is so important to show love and kindness to yourself the same way you would to your friends, you wouldn’t dream of saying the things you say about yourself to someone else, start giving yourself the same love.

2. Reprogramme your mind

Life is 20% circumstantial, 80% how to react to it. Start searching for the positives in situations. Traffic jam? Time to enjoy a podcast or audio book. Break up? It wasn’t right and now you’re open to so much opportunity which is exciting.

3. Ask better questions

Question your existing reality, when feeling low, question yourself. Am I really just not good enough? Is that the definitive truth? Maybe I could improve in a certain area/ aspect but it doesn’t mean i’m not good enough…

4. Visualize 

 I am the biggest believer that your mind must arrive at the destination before you do. What does the more confident version of you look like? How does she act, what does she do? How would she deal with the fear?

5. Action

Give yourself small actionable steps you can make every day. Push past the fear and get out of your comfort zone.