All of us are either masculine or feminine energy and this is regardless of gender. For those of us that are feminine when we are in touch with that energy we feel most feel aligned. Too much masculine energy causes us to feel out of alignment and this is very common in todays society being so masculine-orientated.

In order to manifest our desires and feel happy we must align ourselves with what make us happy.

If you’e feeling out of touch with your feminine side here’s a few pointers on what you can do to realign:

1. Surrender to your emotions. Many of us try to block our emotions out of fear of looking weak but disconnecting ourselves from our emotions takes us out of alignment

2. Trust and follow your intuition. Sometimes our minds run 100mph and often try to take control despite your gut instinct saying otherwise. Tune into your intuition and act in a way that feels aligned.

3. Love yourself and your body. Learn to allow your radiance to shine through and nurture yourself. Free yourself from over doing it and rather than chasing the external things reach inward instead. True fulfilment and happiness.  can only be found from within.