How do we create lasting happiness? Like genuine, fulfilling pure happiness. Happiness is a choice, you are in total control of how much happiness you allow into your life and by cultivate these techniques below you can expect fo feel more each day:

Gratitude Journalling

Start and end your day with gratitude. Each morning list three things you are grateful, I use something called the 6 minute diary for this. This one tip sounds so minimal but I promise it will have the most profound effect on your life.

Look for the positives

No matter what the situation there is always a positive if you have the courage to look for it. Start searching for them always. What can I learn from this experience?

Practise empathy, compassion and kindness

Nearly all human behaviour started off with a positive intent, the intent to feel loved or connected. Whilst on the outside this isn’t always easy to say, try to treat everyone with love and kindness, you never know the internal battle they are facing. Small acts of kindness have a knock on effect and making someone else smile is sure way of making you feel good too.

Exercise and diet

Physical and mental health are connected in so many ways! Try to exercise daily, even if it’s getting outside for a 30 minute walk. The natural endorphins your body produces is the best happiness medicine out there!

Whilst the tips are only small, practising them regularly and incorporating them into your life will be a sure way of creating more happiness in your life.