You’ll often hear me refer to the ego if you watch my live videos or work with me privately. The ego is an expert in distracting us from the present moment by projecting fears that we experienced in the past into the future.

 Our ego serves to protect us but often we get so caught up in fear patterns that we are unable to see the bigger picture, we are unable to move past the fear. Our higher self, that is made of pure love is constantly in battle with the ego trying to shine through and we must learn how to quieten the ego in order for us to live more authentically.

So how do we stop our ego being in control so we start fulfilling our true needs?

  • Firstly distinguishing between the two, your ego and actually YOU. When you catch yourself in negative thought, take a step back and observe yourself. Listen to what your ego is saying and understand your ego is just wanting to protect you. Say thank you for trying to protect me but it is not necessary. Having nicknames for your ego is a useful tool to really distinguish between the two and disidentify with it.
  • Practise forgiveness. Accept, let go and move forward. Letting go will remove any negativity and allow you to be free. 
  • Get into the habit of doing random acts of kindness. It is proven that doing good deeds will actually make you happier. At the core we our loving and be reminded of our true nature is a sure way to quieten our ego.

Remember being less egoistic has many benefits and will close to the gap between your authentic self and who you currently are. Your authentic self is powerful, strong, beautiful and loving. Your authentic self is capable of anything it desires and only wants the best for you.

Whenever you feel your ego trying to be in control, trying to project its fears and hold you back, remember it as a bully. You can let them in or you can fight against it and make a stand.