I’m Zoe.


I’m a life enthusiast, self love expert, globe trotter & dedicated coach.

I help passionate and ambitious women like you to break away from the confines of mediocrity to live fiercely, and with greater confidence and purpose. I understand how it feels to be trapped in a life of mediocrity. To lack confidence. To underachieve. To be unfulfilled. In fact, I used to live most of my life with overwhelming insecurity! I suffered with a constant fear of being judged by others, comparing myself to others and talking myself down …

Sound familiar?!

After I graduated, I had no inclination to move home or settle for an ‘average’ job, so I ended up working for an airline in the Middle East. Whilst it was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life, after six years I became unhappy. I was travelling the world, living a ‘dream’ lifestyle in Dubai, yet something didn’t sit right. I felt I had no real purpose. I realised that I had bigger ambitions and yearned for much more from my life.

The Problem?

I was completely dependent on the validation of others. A total people pleaser, I found myself with no sense of my own identity. I was unsatisfied, deeply unfulfilled and empty.

Something HAD to change!


I dived into self-development books, desperate to fill my mind with positive, meaningful knowledge. As I learned about the Law of Attraction and the power of mindset, I became obsessed with these powerful new ideas. 

My Transformation

I started to believe I was capable of pursuing whatever I wanted – as long as I believed in myself. I started facing and conquering my fears. Slowly, I began to notice huge shifts that were transforming my life for the better.

Over the course of a year I went from a state of powerlessness – lost and confused – to utter confidence, fearlessness and self-assurance. I felt I was in total alignment with my true self for the first time. I knew I HAD to help others to find a similar awakening.

Finding Your Purpose and Passion

Eventually, after sharing some of my experiences and spreading my new-found positivity, I discovered my new purpose in life. Desperate for freedom and fulfilment, I wanted to wake up every day with a sense of purpose and excitement. I wanted to do whatever truly set my soul on fire. I wanted to help and empower other women to believe in themselves, unlock their true potential and make their life goals, visions and dreams a reality.

I have created a 1-1 programme for women who are truly ready to embrace their full potential, say yes to their dreams and get the most out of their life.

Are you ready?